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Elections are for President, Executive Vice President*, Vice President of Communications^, Vice President of Membership, Treasurer, Secretary (Officers), and six (6) Governor positions on the KALAGNY Board. All positions are for two-year terms. Terms commence July 1, 2017. To view KALAGNY's current By-Laws to see the full set of requirements, click here.


*The Vice Presidential Candidate with the most votes will be designated as Executive Vice President.

^Assist President with website, email, social media and all outbound communications.




Only those members in good standing who have been admitted to practice law in any jurisdiction are qualified to run for an elected position. A member in "good standing" is defined as those members (a) whose membership has not been suspended or revoked as of the Election Date, and (b) who have paid in full their membership dues as of the Record Date.  Please refer to the By-Laws for details.




The KALAGNY Nominations Committee has nominated the following candidates for the open positions.

Updated Info: see the ballot here.  See the proposed Bylaws, which members may vote to adopt at our annual meeting and elections here (in our members only section).



President – Karen Kim


Vice President – EJ Thorsen


Vice Presidents of Communication – Inie Park


Vice President of Membership – Brian Yarzab


Secretary – Jay Min


Treasurer – Iris Jun

Governors (6):

Dan Cho


Eve Guillergan


Gene Kang


Edward Lee


Suyon Yi


Kenneth Yoon

If you wish to be considered as an alternative candidate on the Ballot Form, please email your Statement of Interest and Resume to kalagny@gmail.com (with "Election" in the subject line) no later than 11:59 PM (EST) on March 6, 2017 .  All eligible alternative candidates will be added to the Ballot Form.  Late submissions will not be added to the Ballot Form. 


See below for information on the 2017 Election Meeting.




Record Date - January 13, 2017. You must be a paid member by the Record Date to be eligible to seek election and to vote in the election.


Submission Date - January 30, 2017. Your Statement of Interest along with your resume must be submitted to kalagny@gmail.com no later than January 30, 2017, 11:59pm.  Please add the word "Election" to the subject line of your e-mail.


Distribution Date - February 20, 2017. Information regarding the slate of Officers and Governors selected by the Nominations Committee will be circulated by the Distribution Date. The slate will be posted on the KALAGNY website.


Ballot Date - March 20, 2017.  Ballot form will be made available on the KALAGNY website. Members wishing to vote will have to hand in their ballots in person by no later than 8:00 PM on the Election Date. You may not cast your vote by proxy.


Election Date & General Membership Meeting - April 6, 2017.  KALAGNY Elections and annual membership meeting will take place on the evening of April 6, 2017. Venue will be announced. All are welcome to this event but only eligible members may vote.


Light dinner and refreshments will be served. Click here to RSVP.


If you have any questions, please contact us at kalagny@gmail.com.


KALAGNY Officers

Bridgette Ahn, President
Eun Chong (EJ) Thorsen, Executive VP
Karen Kim, VP of Memberships
Iris Jun, Treasurer
Jay H. Min, Secretary

KALAGNY Governors

Dan Cho
Eve Cho Guillergan
Edward Lee
Gene Kang
J. John Kim
Yosef Lee
Chul Pak
Maria Park
Suyon Yi
Kenneth K. Yoon

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