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Instructions on renewing your membership:

KALAGNY has experienced explosive growth over the past few years. To better service our members, we have migrated over to an online member management service ( You can now manage and renew your membership online. You can pay online or by check.

Here's how to renew your membership:

- Click the "Join Us" link.

- At our "Join Us" page select the appropriate level of membership.

- Type in your email address and the appropriate security check code.

- If you use the email address in which you receive KALAGNY emails, your contact information has already been added to our database.

- You will be asked to "login." To login, click the "Forgot password" button to create your own unique password and then follow the online instructions.

- After you have obtained a password, log back into the system.

- You will be redirected to the "Join Us" page.

- At the bottom of the page, it will say "You are already a member. Edit your member profile." 

- Click on "Edit your member profile."

- You will be redirected to the "My profile" page. Click on the "Change membership level" button and follow the instructions. 

- Simple right? If you have any problems, please contact us at
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